Monday, July 28, 2014

The Big Buddha Koh Samui Samui Island Thailand

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

LeanKit TARDIS is a Timey-Wimey Thing

When LeanKit's growth started creating close quarters for its employees, their CEO, Chris Hefley, had a plan for expansion - make it bigger on the inside!

MAKE Presents: The Transistor

What's the deal with those clever transistors? We've been covering them all August in our Component of the Month series, and it's time to pull out a classic explanation of the technology from the dusty archives of MAKE H.Q..

10 Most Popular MAKE Videos of all Time

We're about to hit 500,000 total subscribers to our YouTube channel, and in celebration we'd like to bring you the best of what MAKE is all about: the 10 most popular videos we've produced.

Raspberry Pi and Gmail Controlled dog Feeder

Ben Miller created an Internet-connected dog feeder that dispenses food to his pups every time an email is sent to a certain Gmail add

Solar Shrub Charges a Phone Indoors

Instructables user mikesoniat created a solar-powered shrub that charges phones and other devices with a USB socket.

Removing Galvanization With Acid

Steel conduits' galvanization layer, designed to inhibit corrosion, is highly toxic and will burn off in an environmentally uncool manner when welded, and also makes for a "not so great" weld. The solution? Burn it off with acid.